Online Marketing that Embraces the Digital Age

Are you a small business owner who has great ideas but struggles to find the time (or patience!) to put them into practice? Perhaps you would like to have a much stronger online marketing presence but lack the resources to make it a possibility?

We can help you.


What makes our Online Marketing Professionals different from other marketing companies?

We are marketing specialists with experience over a long period of time in a variety of online and offline promotional activities. This even dates back to the time before the digital revolution.

Our company will only take on a select few clients where we feel we are able to make a significant difference.

Online Marketing Professionals will take the time to learn as much as we can about your company, products or services, strengths and weaknesses and market positioning to identify areas where you can grow.

Many marketing companies often take on a large number of clients and do not take the time to understand their individual client needs. This often results in less than satisfactory marketing results and business owners are left feeling frustrated because they are hampered by their lack of experience or knowledge to do the work themselves.

We offer two very distinct pathways with our service:

  • The first option is to teach you all we know and let you run your marketing campaigns yourself. See our Online Marketing training courses for more information.
  • The other pathway is to let our experts take care of the marketing for you. This leaves you free to concentrate on running your company.

Finally, there is no contract with our services. This means you can rest assured that you are not locked in to anything. This also means all the pressure is on us to deliver results.

online marketing

online marketing

Why is online marketing important?

In the vast majority of online marketing cases, a company's website forms the basis and starting point of digital promotion. The central focus of online marketing is to drive internet traffic to the platforms where sales, branding awareness and recall take place.

Since the introduction of the Internet, many more small businesses have been able to conduct marketing at a low cost to generate more customers. As more businesses have started to compete, however, this has resulted in a saturation of the marketplace, where it is becoming increasingly difficult to establish a solid customer base and brand awareness.

The latest trends in online marketing are frequently changing. Many business owners do not have the time or ability to do their own marketing activities. Our two pronged approach means you can learn how to do your own online marketing to gain results, or you can leave the work to us to do the work for you. Have a look at our latest tuition pages on Google Adwords Tips and SEO.

As we don't make you sign a contract, this arrangement means you can feel completely secure that we will do our best to get you the results.


The online marketing techniques we specialise in.

We provide the option of conducting extensive and targeted keyword research. We will determine which keywords and phrases are most likely to result in profitable online traffic for you. We are also able to track a competitor’s online presence for you.

We can assist with appropriate domain name research. This choice will have a significant influence on SEO work and   organic website positioning. Picking the wrong name is one of the common mistakes that are made where companies prefer to have their name reflected in their domain name choice. When you consider that a website is often your shop window, the best possible domain name requires more attention. Domain name choices may seem trivial but in SEO promotion, the right choice of name is the starting point of a great SEO campaign.

Our website construction service concentrates on producing a SEO optimised WordPress site which is mobile ready for you at an affordable price. Part of our online SEO service is to engage in back-linking to your website. We stick to links from local and relevant businesses with real traffic. 'White hat' SEO practices are very important because Google Penguin Algorithms are constantly getting better at identifying 'spammy' type back-links. Poor back-links are not always bad for your website but there is always a chance that Google will catch up with dubious practices. We try to follow best practice at all times. See our page on On-Page SEO Marketing: 13 Great Optimisation Tips and Off-Page SEO: What Your Website Promotion Is Missing for more information!

We create and manage Google Adwords campaigns for our clients where we avoid the sometimes obvious and frantic bidding in your industry by finding the niches where competition is not that intense.  

Another aspect which we look at is your Customer Relationship Management (CRM). CRM work is often neglected in the marketing conversation. We look at how well your phones are being answered and how productive office work is being carried out. There is no point in having a super effective website and yet the people answering the phone cannot convert sales and look after customer needs.

We include Google My Business listings and free local business listings as part of the service. These free directories are useful for a number of reasons. One key benefit is that they enable your customers to leave reviews and these tend to be more highly regarded by potential customers as they cannot be modified by business owners. They are also great sources of back-links to your website. Finally, we can assist with your social media online marketing efforts.

There is no contract with our services.

This means all the pressure is on us to deliver results.

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