CRM Marketing - Complement your online advertising

You might find yourself wondering how Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is connected with online marketing. It is when you consider that CRM marketing is necessary to convert your leads from promotional activities into sales through good customer service.

Companies that excel in promotional activities are shooting themselves in the foot if they don't know how to talk to and convert customers. CRM marketing is a major issue facing small businesses. In particular, we will help through evaulating your current conversion rate and current customer service levels. When we have this information, we can suggest methods of improvement and can assist with training your stuff to be more "customer-centric". A major focus of this particular service is to assist through moving companies to adopt and implement cloud based administration management tools and helping them in integrating CRM marketing as part of the overall online marketing strategy.

With modern technology it has become much easier to track performance of all aspects of a business. The ability to analyse data will help you to make good management decisions.

With tools like ServiceM8 or Salesforce, all kinds of things become possible. They include database control, booking systems, customer service, quality control and new marketing initiatives. Add packages like Xero (aged receivables) and Mail Chimp (pro-active email marketing) and management of offices has never been easier. All of these work systems work online and information is stored in the Cloud. All of these systems have the additional benefit of charging very competitive prices, ideal for small business owners.

CRM marketing

CRM marketing

CRM marketing

Why is CRM marketing so important?

When all is said and done, the way in which your staff treat and deal with your customers will make all the difference to your success. You can set up a new WordPress Website, organise a Google My Business Listing, be successful in getting Social Media traffic to your website, get your Google Adwords campaign and SEO efforts bringing in customers, but ultimately you should have a CRM focus with everything you do. Our range of online marketing services require you to look at your CRM, and in particular, how well phone calls and web enquiries are handled.

From the customer conversion data collected, it would be possible to adjust the KPI’s of your staff and plan to improve performance and test your plans. Not every implemented idea works very well. It may be required to discard certain parts of your traditional administration with a new method linked with CRM marketing that provides better results.

The scrutiny of your customer service status quo will allow you to implement training of staff who do not perform or to initiate replacement of those employees who are not following instructions. As it is done by a people outside of your company, you are also able to gain an unbiased insight into what (or who) may be costing you more effort and money than is worthwhile retaining.


Where do we come into the picture?

We can help you make choose the appropriate CRM tools for your business.

Our Marketing experts will work with you to formulate plans to improve the ongoing conversation with new and repeat customers.

It will be our goal to find additional ways of exposing your company to new customers through our range of services.

If required, we are also able to conduct a CRM quality control audit for you.

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