Domain Name Research – Do your homework and save money

Domain name research is particularly important if you wish to optimise your website for search traffic. Previously we touched on keyword research. Our own domain name choice for this website was determined by the keyword traffic research that we undertook.

What kind of things impacted upon our domain name choice? The keyword 'online marketing' had to appear in our choice. We are mostly dealing in Australia and chose a '' domain. The general consensus is that a .com website is the best option if your market is worldwide.

Remember that many people will look at the domain of your website and decide if they want to click on it. Try to resist the big temptation to insert personal names or business names in your domain name. Unless your business is very well known and has significant search volume on its own (such as Apple or Airbnb), you are better off having the most important keyword search term in your domain name choice. There is little point in choosing a random name as it makes On Page as well as Off Page SEO that much harder. Australian businesses who sell local must also keep in mind that will work much better than just a .com. Customers look at the web URL before they click!

domain name research

domain name research


Domain Name Choices Example

Compare the following examples that you may see if you are in the Hills district and searching for carpet cleaning in Sydney: - very precise. – good but not area specific. - not sure what their specialty is. - not sure what they do.

The above domain names are arranged in the order of how likely the customer is to click on the domain name. The top domain name is going to attract the most attention, whilst the bottom domain name will get the least.


Compare these same examples if the carpet cleaning search is done all over Sydney. – best option because it is not area specific. - too area specific, customers may want a more local supplier. - not sure what their specialty is. - not sure what they do.

As you can see, the original first choice becomes too narrow. Customers in Cronulla, for example, are unlikely to click on a Hills website.


When you choose a domain name, your starting point should always be extensive keyword research. Consider what you do and which types of geographical customers you wish to attract. Website promotion and page construction require time and may cost a lot of money. Being stuck with an ineffective domain name could be a very expensive mistake to make. When possible, your domain name choice should clearly reflect what you do. Proper domain name research is a crucial step towards effective search engine optimisation. Check out our whole range of Services and home page about What Makes Us Different.

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