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Let's face it: we all want instant results. New business owners just starting out, can easily feel frustrated and miserable when they don't get many leads or customers despite weeks or months of hard work. Google Adwords is one of our marketing services for new and established companies alike and appears to be the solution to our desire for instant results. Those businesses with new websites have the option to become visible to the public by having an Adwords campaign. 

But be very careful. Too many businesses pay the "Idiot Google Tax". This nasty term is used by online marketers and more specifically by those who specialise in Adwords management. To think that you will be effective in Adwords where experts sit exams and study the best practice for months and years is just not realistic. Unless you have a lot of time to study the Google Certification and even more time to implement it into practice, you are better off to let us help you how to avoid over-spending and build a great Adwords campaign. Google AdWords is a great way to spend a substantial amount of money which often has little or no return on investment for those who rush in blindly.  Know what is the worst thing of all? Because competitors will not tell you what click costs are competitive and Google guidelines are very misleading, you may be unaware that you are spending too much money.

Let's take a step back for a moment.


What is Google Adwords?

Most people have heard of, if not used, Google Adwords at some point. Adwords is Google's biggest source of income. Essentially, Google Adwords is Google's paid advertising product, which you would see whenever you use Google Search. They appear above organic listings and can appear on the right hand side of the search results. They can appear above Google My Business Listings if any are present and are clearly marked as advertisements, with an orange box with the word 'Ad' appearing on their left hand side.

Here's an example of how it would appear: 

Google Adwords


How does Google select which Adwords advertisement should appear?

Something to keep in mind is that you are competing with others in your industry under a group of keywords in the form of auction bidding. You pay for every 'click' that you receive and you can determine how much you are prepared to pay for the click. A click simply refers to a person who clicks on your Google Adwords advertisement which then directs them to a specific webpage of your website.

There are two major factors which influence which of business' Adwords will appear when someone performs a related search on Google. These are the Cost Per Click that has been set (how much the business is willing to pay if the searcher clicks their advertisement) and the higher the relevance and quality of the advertisment to the keyword search.

Businesses with the best combination of maximum bid and quality score will win this auction. The budget you set per day (or per hour) will also influence how often your advertisment is seen at various points in the day. Google determines your advertisement's Quality Score based off three things: how relevant it is, how useful the advert is to the searcher based on your Click Through Rate (CTR) and the landing page set if someone clicks on the advertisment. Your Quality Score makes a big difference in whether Google will show your particular advertisment. This is because Google's mission is to provide users with the most relevant and useful search results at all times.

Sounds simple but it is very easy to become part of the very large group of commercial customers that pay the "Google Idiot Tax".


What does "Google Idiot Tax" mean?

The "Google Idiot Tax" applies to many of us. This is a term used to describe businesses that use Google Adwords without taking the time to understand how to use it and ultimately spend thousands of dollars without generating  a satisfactory return on investment. Paying far too much per click and/or paying for click reselling are common mistakes.

If used correctly, Google Adwords can generate fantastic financial rewards. To avoid the "Google Idiot Tax" it is required that businesses have patience, knowledge of how Adwords works and have the ability to dedicate considerable time when initially starting up a Google Adwords account and campaigns.

Something to keep in mind is that Google is not your friend. They are in business to make money.  They will give you lots of general advice and material to study. Quite a bit of information may require expert interpretation.

Google won't tell you if your campaign is ill-conceived, badly structured and is unlikely to succeed. When you create a new Google Adwords campaign, you are the only one to blame if it doesn't work out. Google will just take all the money you throw at it, regardless of whether you get any kind of return.

It is in the interest of Google to draw as many advertisers into Adwords at any given time for any particular industry. Sometimes they will even give you a free $100 voucher to start. Their aim is to increase competition and drive the Cost Per Click up. The more untrained or semi-trained companies that bid against each other, the better for Google. If you look for it, you can even find Google's guidelines on how to use Adwords.


They will not teach you how to beat the competition. They will also not help you to pay much less per click. Beware that the some Google experts may technically be in collusion with Google because it is not their money and they often act as a 'click reseller'.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords

Google Adwords

Let's explain by way of an example.

According to Google, the cost of a click for a particular keyword is $3.50 to get to first page. The business owner wants to be on the first page in the first position. Google metrics tell him he should be bidding $5.50 to achieve this. His budget of $50.00 a day is spent after only about 10 clicks. After spending $4,500 for three months and 900 clicks, he stops the campaign.

After three months, the business owner the engages an Adwords expert who gets the Pay Per Click average down to $2 but adds in $2.50 per click as a reseller. Clients are often blissfully unaware of this sharp practice. Add to that the management fee of $100 per week and the budget of $4,500 only gets him to 711 clicks for 3 months.

In the these six months, the sales and/or leads were not measured. This places the owner in no position to judge his effectiveness compared to the Adwords expert.

At this stage, the business owner may very well be dissatisfied with the second campaign but not understand what is actually going on. This is why we stress the importance of keeping count when doing any form of online marketing. Google Adwords management is particularly important as you could be spending too much for limited or no results. Many millions of dollars are wasted each year by inexperienced online advertisers.


What will we do for you?

We will:

Research your company, your services and/or products and your unique selling propositions.

Build an extensive Google Adwords campaign with Adgroups and keywords groupings concentrating on a very wide range of long tail keywords to compete in areas where the competition is less intense and will cost you less money.

We will not engage your competition in a Pay Per Click frenzy. We will treat your budget with care as if it was our own money. It is always best to use Adwords to help you to research your market and level of competition in the initial campaign stages. During this phase we would be underbidding as much as possible. Remember that bidding lasts 24 hours, competitors get to their budget limit and then will only be seen the next day. Sometimes a click of 95 cents is just as good as the $5.50 click. We are always striving to find that click which costs less but brings results.

Test the effectiveness of Google Adwords campaigns, Adgroups, advertisements and keywords on an ongoing basis. Part of this service is to improve the accuracy of the search experience and the relevance of each landing page. If you're interested, why not take a look at our other online marketing services and what makes our services different for more information.

We will also help you monitor the campaign through phone and email traffic.

Adjust the campaign when Google change their rules (this happens quite often).

We frown on the concept of reselling and will endeavour to get you the lowest possible pay per click outcomes.

What are you waiting for?

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