Keyword Research – the first step in building an SEO effective website

Do you really know what companies mean by the term 'keyword research'?

Maybe you think it just sounds a bit vague and dull and haven't taken the time to give it more thought. In fact, doing extensive keyword research is a key aspect in building an SEO effective website.

What keyword research is all about is identifying how people conduct online searches to find your products. The keyword planner in Google Adwords, Moz or Authority Labs software can give you a very good start to this process. If you want to know how many people are looking for an English tutor every day in Sydney, you will be able to get the information but only for that specific phrase. You would have to also identify the variants or implied intention of associated search terms. Knowing whether that particular search phrase and all the variants will translate into effective online traffic for your website, forms the basis of producing quality search engine optimised content.


How wide do customers research?

Current data on one of our websites show that there are over 1 million impressions with 40, 000 clicks and more than 20, 000 unique searches. This stretches over more than a thousand keyword triggers. It is therefore crucial to try and predict how people search online and what they intend to find out.

Think about the variants around the “English tutor” in Sydney example. Below are just a select few examples of how online searches may be done. 

English tutoring, English tuition, Sydney English tutoring, Sydney English tuition, English school tutoring, English university tutoring, English school tuition, English university tuition, English home tutoring, English home tuition, English HSC tutoring, English HSC tuition, English essay tutoring, English essay tuition, and the list goes on. Our website  Star Tutors use this information effectively for SEO.

keyword research

keyword research

Where do we come in?

We will identify which phrases and keyword combinations are typed in to find your business online. We will then ensure that website content is produced to match these searches. Very accurate searches are most likely to produce revenue for your business. To do this, we offer a range of online marketing services. As we do not make you sign a contract, the pressure is on us to get you results.

Keyword research has become quite an industry. There are many free and paid options to get the right information. We will guide you every step of the way.


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