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Local business marketing is crucial to most small businesses. Most small businesses that provide services (hairdressers, carpet cleaners, tutors, plumbers, the list goes on!) are only able to service their local area. When you consider how much traffic is on the roads in cities and how much time and money is wasted in traveling, it becomes even more imperative for small service providers to concentrate their marketing efforts on the local community. The same goes for small businesses selling products, like handmade bags or candles. It can be very tricky for these businesses to find a distribution outlet which is easy for people to get to, that people are aware of, and doesn't cost too much.

You only have to look at how people search online and the increase in suburb or city specific searches. Many consumers prefer to deal with a local supplier or at the very least, a national supplier. The answer is quite simple – we instinctively trust a local supplier more to produce quality service or supply quality products.

We may feel that they would be in a better position to resolve issues if problems arise. We are much less likely to have to contact a call centre in another country and spend hours on the phone to resolve problems. Local businesses that provide good value for money and have good customer service skills are also likely to benefit from quality 'word-of-mouth' referrals. These referrals are a key aspect in local business marketing, as people tend to trust what others tell them about their experience much more than anything they hear from the company itself.

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local business marketing

local business marketing

local business marketing

There are many places where local promotion is conducted:


Online local business marketing options:

Google My Business Listings – this is a free listing and companies may get great value from a good listings with quality consumer reviews. An example of this is the image above on the left. Note that the reviews of this kind cannot be modified by the business. For this reason, potential customers are more inclined to view this as impartial feedback.

Yellow Pages – another free listing and for a more prominent position, you can opt for a paid service. The screenshot of ChemDry Ultimate on the free listing section of Yellow Pages above in the middle demonstrates this.

True Local – another free listing for local business and also has the option of a paid section. The image above of ChemDry QuickDry on the right shows this.

There are multiple business and trade directories that give free online listings. The ones mentioned above are used most often.


Other local business marketing options include:

Joining your local Chamber of Commerce or a trade association.

Networking through seminars and other professional groups.

Operating stalls at fairs or in shopping centres.

Regional newspaper, radio or television exposure. These options have become more affordable to a larger group of companies.

Use of leaflets or bulk mail can promote a business in a specific suburb.


Something to keep in mind: you need to keep count of the amount of inquiries, calls and/or orders you receive when you undertake any form of marketing. You will need to put effort in your local promotion (just as you would with all other marketing) to produce material of interest and relay a message that grabs attention. Some types of local business marketing may work better in some industries than in others. 

Local business promotion can be an affordable way to cement your business into the community.

Local business marketing should never be overlooked.

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