SEO Marketing – Getting your website organically to Page 1 on Google

SEO Marketing refers to Search Engine Optimization of a website. Worldwide, the primary search engine is Google (holding just over 69% market share of total online traffic), then followed by Bing (12%). When looking at the primary search engines used in Australia specifically, these Google's importance as a search engine becomes very clear. The overwhelming amount of Australians search with Google. In fact, in 2010, more than 80% of search traffic in Australia was to ''. The domination of Google dictates that the majority of our work with websites will adhere to guidelines laid down by this giant. Our Marketing experts will help you with all aspects of SEO and online marketing services.

When you search, there are four Google Algorithms regulating website quality, duplicate content, mobile readiness, combating spamming techniques or black hat back-linking. These are:

Google Panda

Google Hummingbird

Google Penguin

Google Pigeon

SEO marketing

SEO marketing

SEO marketing

How can I get to Page 1 in the results from SEO?

The correct domain name choice. We touched on the importance of keyword research and how this helps you to make the right choice. Before doing anything else, the appropriate domain name choice has to be finalised.

Choose to produce pages or posts that will generate searches. The initial focus should be on quality longer tail keywords where there is less competition. The flow of traffic will let Google know your website is of importance. This helps your organic positioning.

SEO is not a set and forget activity. Google rates your website highly when there are new pages or posts being produced on a regular basis. Even writing about a trivial incident or relaying customer feedback, will be of value. It is bit like exercise or dieting, if you give up too soon you may form the opinion that it does not work. SEO Marketing incorporates on-page SEO and off-page SEO. 'White hat' SEO takes time and the results will only become apparent after 6 to 12 months.  It is not like Google Adwords campaigns were results are almost immediate.

seo marketing

Produce quality content that has value to the public. Ongoing production of pages or posts that are all optimised for SEO. Most owners of a business are also experts in their field. The more engaging material found on the website (the longer people linger with a lower bounce rate), the higher Google will rate your site.

Write pages that are technical. Write other pages that entertain. Produce pages of advice and tips. Be the website in your industry that gets bookmarked the most often. Repeat traffic also helps your ranking to improve. Badly written web pages suffer from high page bounce rates where customers are spending very little time on your site.

Google wants customers to have a very accurate search experience. For example, if you had a product like the Pingi XL 450g moisture absorber, you have to produce a page that is all about this model.

Avoid duplicate content like the plague. Many people copy, paste and possibly write a little new content. These types of pages will not get a good position over time. Original quality writing is like your business fingerprint. Even though people may copy your page, Google’s Algorithm will always reward your effort because it is the original version.

Build quality back-links. When we talk about back-links, we are referring to other websites linking to your website. Good quality links are generally from high quality websites that are relevant to your industry. They take time to build and various techniques are employed to get these 'white hat' links. 

There is also a whole industry dedicated to 'black hat' link building, many of whom use tactics that will ultimately cause your website to lose organic positions. We avoid these practices at all times.

We can help you do all of this. See our wide range of online Marketing services and home page on What Makes Us Different.

SEO marketing

SEO marketing

An effective Google Adwords campaign running in conjunction with your SEO marketing will do wonders for your webpage positioning. Real traffic improves Google organic listings because your website will be deemed important. Traffic from better organic positions takes you up another notch again. Good traffic levels and positioning brings even more additional traffic.

Why not just concentrate on Google Adwords and leave SEO for others? The answer to that question lies in the fact the organic, referrals and direct traffic (SEO) are in most instances much better quality searches. Consumers spend longer on the website and the average bounce rate is lower. Websites found organically on the first page of Google are trusted by browsers to give them a more accurate website.

In the Google Analytics example below the searches with a red marker (SEO driven results) outperform Google Adwords in time spent on the website, pages viewed and with a lower bounce rate.

SEO marketing



You need time for your website to deemed of significance. Some web developers go to the trouble of finding domains that are not active any more. The traffic history and more importantly, the back-links, are the main attraction. Websites build up a level of credibility with Google over time. New domains cannot emulate this.

When you produce new material or web content, spread it to all possible platforms. Using social media in conjunction with your website is a particularly popular method. Back-linking from Facebook is one of the best types of referral links you can get.

Ensure that your website is mobile friendly. There is nothing worse than a website that displays well on desktops but is not easy to use on mobile devices. As we search more than ever with our phones and tablets, this aspect has to be in place to get good overall search statistics.

Everything that you do in your business has to drive your customers to your website. It could be an email to a customer or supplier, flyers being dropped in a suburb, a business card given to a prospect, free samples being handed out, competition launches or other marketing campaigns. Every time somebody real spends a few minutes on your website, it is a positive factor in SEO marketing.

Strive to get real customer reviews. The quality of reviews are important but even more important to Google is that your website is generating actual interaction with customers. Sometimes even poor reviews will be positive for your SEO position.  Research shows that a significant portion of consumers will trust online reviews almost as if it is a personal referral. Many of us will read a few reviews and even seek out negative reviews to come to a decision. Fake reviews will sometimes stand out like a sore thumb. Google is actively trying to stamp this practice out as it gives cheaters an advantage over the competition.  Remember that the average consumer is also becoming more review savvy. If you compared two companies of similar size in the same industry, the first one with 10 reviews over 4 years with an overall score of 3.5 out of 5, they just look much more authentic than the second firm with 50 reviews over a months with an overall score of 5 out of 5.    

Take a look at the following websites we have recently done SEO work for: 


Our SEO Marketing Approach is to follow the best practice possible.