Social Media Marketing - Part of the total online marketing strategy

Considering that Facebook and several other social media platforms are gaining in prominence, it is hardly surprising that so many marketing companies provide social media marketing services. In fact, at the end of 2015, there were 1.59 billion Facebook active users (who had logged in at least once during the last month). This means there are great opportunities available in social media marketing for many small businesses.

The industry you are in and your ability to create interesting content have a great influence on how well your social media marketing works. You have to determine where social media marketing fits into your promotional efforts. Is it a core part of the marketing mix or just an additional promotional/seo tool? Some industries, services or products have great success using platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. While some household services or products are perfectly positioned for social media, other more technical offerings may effective.

Social media marketing needs to be part of the entire online marketing picture. Our Services are designed to help you get the best possible results at the lowest possible cost. That is why many of our clients are small business owners, seeking to learn how to do it themselves, or who want to get another company to do it on their behalf. See here for more details.

Understanding the typical consumer behaviour and decision making process for your specific goods or services are generally considered beneficial for all marketing efforts. Many large companies conduct primary research into these concerns, often costing thousands of dollars. They can afford to spend this kind of money on research which even then could result in  inconclusive management data. Primary research includes things like focus groups, surveys, picture interpretation and exploration, and even scientific behavioural testing.

The same can be said when using social media marketing platforms as you can burn through a lot of money without getting much of a return. You can compare social media marketing in some respects with Google Display. You are not in an environment where the online impressions have direct purchase intentions. You are going to have to be a lot more subtle in order to get worthwhile traffic.

social media marketing

social media marketing

social media marketing

social media marketing

Consider the following tips to improve your social media marketing:

Stop selling. Instead, focus on connecting and sharing with your audience. Steer clear of direct selling and more towards problem solving. Everybody loves to get free advice from those they perceive to be the "experts". 

Listen to what others are saying and give people the value of your technical niche experience.

You have to engage a real audience. Produce post/pages of value on a regular basis.

Try and find "influencers" in your niche. If you are producing interesting content they may will share the post, page or visual material with their followers. The sharing process will also drive more traffic your way.

Build your audience patiently. Avoid buying clicks because they have zero value over time. Click farms are a particular issue when you use Facebook. They are considered to be a form of click fraud where many low-paid individuals need to click on a certain number of paid advertising links. Something to keep in mind is that it is fine if your audience is small but loyal.

Far too many companies use social media to sell their fare only. It is also important to share other people’s content. Companies in associated niches are very well placed to work together and may end up sharing the collective value of their followers.  

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