Online Marketing Strategies For Targeting Increased Revenue

The growth of Internet has drastically changed the way in which we share information and has profoundly impacted all facets of marketing. Increasingly, online marketing strategies have become centered on inbound tactics and the ability of businesses to produce unique and engaging content for their audiences. 

Before starting with any strategies - consider modern consumer behaviour. In a world where so much is changing so fast, the consumer habits are always evolving as well. Throw in this heady mix a few Google Algorithm "watchdogs" and things get really complicated.

Look At Consumer Behaviour Changes

Societies around the world have become more fearful and more conservative. The conundrum is that some parts of the world and indeed some parts of advanced countries behave differently. 

Some consumers are scared of technology, spending money, investing, the pace of change, in fear of losing their jobs, they are scared foreigners, many fear for their personal security and to sum up, they do not embrace the information age. There is a hankering to go back to the past where things were simpler. The sad reality is that change is only going faster and the economic isolation of these consumers may become entrenched.

You could argue that if you wish to market to this demographic, your online strategy, web design, marketing messaging should be adjusted to suit this market segment. 

What can you do differently?

Have a separate much simpler website. Simplify correspondence with less emails, more phone calls and letters. Give as much technical information about your products or services. Involved "special sale" tactics is best left alone.  Local connection is desirable. Focus on quality service - never goes out of fashion! Use celebrity endorsement with older spokespersons pushing your product/service. 

Targeted online marketing strategies are an absolute must in our modern trading environment. It is no longer good enough to try something and hope for the best. Advertising dollars only go so far. We are there to ensure that your marketing budget is directed towards the most effective outcomes. Our online marketing strategies are to get you to the stage where you can concentrate on running your business, and not worrying where the next customer is coming from. Strategies around backlinking are also simplified when you target your efforts in a specific area.


online marketing strategies

It is crucial to remember to count.

When the total marketing mix is put to bed, the measures to monitor the effectiveness of each campaign or strategy is very important. This can be done in several ways. For small businesses, it is possible to monitor and measure certain aspects to get a good indication of the success of your chosen online marketing strategies.

Aspects we recommend measuring include: monitoring the level of incoming phone calls, keeping a tab on incoming enquiry forms, documenting the volume of quality online new, repeat and referral traffic, and looking at sales comparisons.

This can be a hard ask.

By carefully instigating processes and procedures into your daily office routine, you can begin to get an idea of your company's current performance. Once online marketing strategies and campaigns have been instigated, it is therefore possible to determine the viability and success of the strategy.

It is also important to consider that not every form of online marketing will yield instant results. One particular example of this is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which takes much longer to bring a noticeable change in your enquiries and sales. Whilst SEO is undoubtedly a long term strategy, it can yield regular and ongoing 'organic' (unpaid) traffic to your website, resulting in massive savings over time.  

online marketing strategies

online marketing strategies

online marketing strategies