On-Page SEO Marketing: 13 Great Optimisation Tips for 2016

We have touched on Search Engine Optimisation previously and how we promote websites organically on Google. On-Page SEO Marketing deals with the way you organise and write your content as well as all the things you can do to produce SEO friendly webpages. On-Page SEO forms the starting point of organic website promotion.

Whatever your circumstances, whether you have a website or blog, these SEO Marketing strategies are for you to put into practice today!

On-Page SEO marketing

Grow Your Business With These 13 On-Page SEO Marketing Tips:


1. Your URL must contain the keyword that you wish to optimise.

When creating your web page, you should contain the keyword you are targeting in your Title Tags and Meta descriptions. It is very important that Google algorithms quickly and easily identify what the page or post is about. The most important thing for Google is ensuring those searching for content get the best possible search experience possible.

Take this example below. A person searching for quality Marketing is unlikely to be interested in either of the top two organic positions. Why? Well, the first clearly states in it’s Meta description that they are a manufacturer’s representative firm. Whereas the second might well be about Marketing but the description isn’t compelling enough to click on.

on-page seo marketing

By containing the keyword in your URL, you are more likely to rank better than someone with a URL like www.domain.com/p=132?. Take our URL for this web page as an example: http://www.theonlinemarketingservice.com.au/on-page-seo-marketing/.

The topic of the page is apparent before anyone enters the site. Finally, think about it: when you search, you are not going to click on the link that has a URL that is not remotely aligned to what you are searching for. Thus, the URL name has a significant influence on the searcher’s decision to click on a link.

on-page seo marketing

2. Research your topic properly.

Too many times people come up with an idea to write about something without thinking too much about their audience. Well written content with useful and engaging information should always be the objective. There are professional copy writers who are prepared to write pages for you if this is something you do not want to take on yourself.

Researching your topic can also mean writing about things not directly related to what your company does. While your company may only deal with cleaning of a particular item, you could include tips and information for people looking to buy the item in the first place. Whilst they are not going to directly want your service immediately, they may bookmark your web page to look at in the future.

It’s the age of change. We have moved a long way from typewriters to the technology we have available today. Given our current rate of technological advancement, we are likely to see even more changes over the decades to come.

on-page SEO marketing


3. Get your internal linking right.

Most pages have a ‘parent’ and there should be a logical link from parent to subordinate pages and back. Additional links can be put in to grab attention and make consumers linger a bit longer. High bounce rates and consumers who spend little time on a page may be an indication of poorly produced content. Internal links to pages of “how to tips” or special offers are a great option to boost engagement.

on-page seo marketing

4. Remember to link each page/post outbound as well.

When you get information from somewhere, it is important to cite your reference. This provides legitimacy for your content which improves your credibility with prospective customers. The other reason for linking to other websites is because Google ranks this content as a better quality search result as the site seems to take the topic seriously. Your page will benefit from having quality outbound links.

We believe it is important to show where you get your information from and to acknowledge your sources, kind of like you need to do at school or university. We have examined a lot of the SEO information available and because all our work is done on WordPress, our inspiration comes predominantly from two sources:

on-page seo marketing

Backlinko Brian Dean is the owner of Backlinko and is regarded as one of the leading SEO experts in the world. He has written numerous quality articles about on-page and Off-Page SEO techniques which are free and accessible for everyone. The biggest challenge for business owners is finding the time and effort required for making SEO a success. Our online Marketing experts can help you there.

on-page seo marketing

Yoast SEOIs a great help in keeping on message with the latest Google SEO requirements. Yoast SEO acts as a traffic light for your content and alerts you to any potential issues before you hit ‘publish’!


5. Break the text up with photos, maps, screenshots or infographics.

There is nothing more scary and boring than one huge block of text. We live in an era where people want to be entertained and many consumers have limited time and a relatively short attention span.

Web sites with huge blocks of text often have higher ‘bounce rates’ which means that people return back to the search results quicker, to find another website that can provide the key information they are looking for more clearly. Web sites with great graphics are also more likely to be bookmarked and receive return traffic which is ranked highly with Google.

on-page seo marketing

6. Embedding images with the focus keyword, although some experts believe this is not that important any more.

When selling products, the images of your brands should appear in as many places as possible. The old mantra of aided recall is still relevant in 2016, and will remain relevant forever.

It is also possible to edit an existing free image which is showcasing your brand, service or product. This has the added benefit that if someone wants to use your image, they will be broadcasting your company’s details to their audience too. Tools for editing images can be as simple as using Microsoft Paint. We personally like to use Canva which provides a wider range of great quality images and editing tools.

on-page seo marketing

7. Write more than the stock standard 300 words pages.

Some SEO professionals even believe you should go as far as 2000 – 3000 words. For us, we find there is a fine line between providing a lot of information and possibly going too far with padding a page with useless prattle. The danger is that the On-Page SEO marketing may suffer if there is a perception that the page is not good quality. You are better off taking a day or two to produce quality content than churning out large amounts of low-value content.

If this sounds like too much work, there are several companies out there who will do this for you. One good example is Copyblogger Media which creates high-quality landing pages on popular topics. They will go the extra mile with professional graphics and layout. Then they drive traffic, links, and authority to the page through press releases and content marketing.

But if you don’t want to spend money yet…

We all start somewhere!

on-page seo marketing

8. This brings us to the next topic of keyword stuffing.

Google is clamping down on this practice because an optimised page should read normally and make sense. The latest wisdom is that keywords used in any one web page should have a density of 0.5% or less.

This is a recent change. Previous guidelines were leaning much more heavily towards 1% density, which could have the drawback of making the page boring to read for visitors to your site. In practical terms, you would be looking for the keyword to appear 5 times in a page/post of a thousand words.

Keyword stuffing can look like this:

“Welcome to my Wedding Photography Website. We do wedding photography. Wedding photography is amazing. Wedding photography is crucial for capturing the big day. We know you need professional wedding photography. Call us!”

Think about it this way: how bored would you be within a few sentences if you read such a keyword stuffed webpage? It is clear that this is detrimental to your SEO success as your bounce rate would sky rocket. Who would really want to stay very long on a webpage which has no quality information, and simply repeats the same phrase or keyword over and over? No one that we know. You will simply get out of that website and move to the next.

on-page seo marketing

9. Check your content very carefully.

For a business website or e-commerce website, it is vital to proof-read your content before going live. We advocate getting a second person to read through it again. When you re-read things, you don’t read as carefully as someone who hasn’t seen the information before. There is also the fact that things that make perfect sense to you may not be all that clear to others. Spelling and grammatical errors should be kept to a minimum where possible.

It is worth remembering that your website is a bit like a shop window – the look and impression of your business will be a major factor in the final buying decision. 

Companies like Star Tutors provide excellent English literacy support for children, university students and adults. They have experience with online Marketing tools and have extensively used on-page SEO Marketing to gain new clients organically.

on-page SEO marketing

10. Ensure that your writing is original.

Don’t be tempted to copy others – this is and has always been the lazy way of getting hold of content.  There are some on-page SEO marketing practices where original text is copied and re-written. Google algorithms are now good enough to interpret the gist of a page and this will result in poor Google ranking over time. Essentially, you can see that Google has become one massive Turnitin, an anti-plagiarism website which is used by students when submitting assessments to ensure that nothing has been copied word for word.

Quality original writing is the foundation of any long-term SEO strategy. Writing original and engaging content can be challenging. It is best to wait for inspiration before writing, as you can avoid much time-wasting by getting the information right the first time round. Certainly, you can base some of your ideas and information off other sources, but be careful to never copy and paste exactly the same information, as Google will eventually penalise you for this.

Sometimes the best thing to do is go old school: grab a paper and pen and start writing freely. That way you won’t be tempted to copy what others have written before you!

on-page seo marketing

11. Make sure that your content contains a unique selling proposition.

In the last two decades, the growth of the Internet has made a huge difference to consumer behaviour. Rather than going with the first thing they come across, browsers are now more likely to be comparing a couple of websites before making a final decision.

Think about the value that your product or service will provide to consumers. It is important that this unique selling proposition message comes out very clearly. Repeatedly spell out the benefits of using your company out to your audience whilst providing them with great information and content they are likely to want to share. 

Our unique selling proposition lies within the fact that we are a small online marketing business which understands your needs and requirements. We are not like big marketing companies which promise you the world and deliver nothing. Our online marketing services are tailored to your requirements and we take on a limited number of clients at any given time to ensure they receive the best support possible. We can set up a SEO optimised WordPress website for you in just 14 days. We don’t make you sign a contract, so the pressure really is on us to ensure we get you results.

on-page seo marketing

12. Slow page loading speeds are to be avoided like the plague.

If you have a website with great material that is entertaining and engaging, the last thing you want is a web page that loads slowly. Anything with a loading speed of more than 4-5 seconds is met with impatience and frustration by the browser. This often translates into a website with a higher ‘bounce rate’ as the search experience is deemed to be very poor.

GTmetrix  are able to help you identify those slow, problematic pages. Changing your hosting company and compressing images are two easy ways to improve the page loading speed of a page.  

on-page seo marketing

13. Use Google keyword suggestions at the bottom of the page. 

When the phrase “On-Page SEO marketing” is typed into Google the page will display some keyword combinations at the bottom of the page. It is recommended by leading SEO experts that these LSI keyword combinations are incorporated into the page that you are producing. It may be something like ‘SEO marketing strategies’ or ‘SEO marketing experts’ in this case.

In any event, you should be looking to use Google keyword suggestions where you can to enhance your writing. It will also help you keep your information fresh and less keyword intensive.

on-page seo marketing

What are you waiting for?

Make On-Page SEO Marketing part of your overall online marketing strategy.


On-Page SEO will not get the job done on its own. Even when you get to a first page position on Google. Time to market all your hard work. This is where Off Page SEO comes in. The backlinking and constant promotion can be hard work. You need to do it all the time and instant results are rare. The more competitive the industry, the harder it is and the longer it takes to get results. Our philosophy is to follow a Niche Marketing Strategy by working on industries that we understand.  We are currently promoting carpet cleaning websites and the results may take 12 months or even longer to start bearing fruit. Below are some marketing projects that we are working on.

Selected Case Studies of SEO Keyword Performance.

Case 1: Website is two months old. Regional Australian area. Medium Level Competition. Current Adwords Campaign. Lots of On-Page SEO still required.

Keyword – Carpet Cleaning Central Coast – Position 46 on Google on Central Coast NSW searches.




Case 2 : Website 3 years old. Local to Sydney.  Strong Competition. On- Page SEO still required. Off-Page can start.

Keyword – Rug Cleaning – Position 5 on Google in Sydney searches.




Case 3: Website 3 years old. Strong SEO position. No Adwords Campaign. Australia wide. Off Page Promotion required. Monitor.

Keyword – Car Dehumidifier – SEO Position 1 on Google



Case 4: Website 8 years old. Current  Adwords Campaign and some SEO work history. Local to Sydney. Competitive field requires On-Page tinkering and strong Off-Page promotion.

Keyword: Tile and Grout Cleaning. Position 1 on Google in Sydney searches.




Seo work is not easy and takes time. Do not expect results in days or weeks. It is a grind for the more competitive industries and a lot of work may result in just a small increase in sales. Once you get to the top, you have to keep working to stay there. No expert will tell you that they can keep you in top spot indefinitely. Promises of first page SEO are possible. Getting to number one on the first page of Google is SEO heaven. Keep in mind that position on the first page is where all SEO companies are trying to get. When hundreds of SEO companies are running a keyword improvement race, staying on top can be quite a challenge.

Our Company loves doing SEO and we take great pleasure in getting to the front of the keyword rat race!